Where We Are Going

Where We Are Going

September 12, 2021
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The Flagrant Garden is a fledgling endeavor to facilitate play and make art.

We seek to explore alternate modes and methods of collaboration and publishing and to help other folks do the same. Everything we put up on this site is, functionally, pretty close to public domain. We encourage you to use everything and anything you find here - ideas, tech, mechanisms, whatever - to grow your own works and help others do the same.

Our caveat is this:

Use this text however you please, so long as you’re not a bigot, fascist, or other piece of dogshit.

Over the coming months we’ll be posting updates and drafting new works and generally improving and expanding on things, especially with regards to Flagrant Factions - we’re in the process of drafting supplements for alternate modes of play and the core zine is currently in layout.

We’re excited to see where things grow from here.