November 11, 2021
flagrant factions

Gerblinflood is an upcoming supplement for Flagrant Factions bringing new rosters, sample companies, scenarios, spells, and locations. Below is the tentative outline of those sections.

Rosters #

Each faction roster will include at least one sample company and some traits or spells special to them.

  • Aeriegerblins: Feathered, beaked, and keen-eyed, hungry for flesh and all things shiny
  • Cavegerblins: Shroomsprouting and deeply curious, exploring and cultivating everything
  • Grovegerblins: Barkfleshed and laconic, grumbling and deeply protective of each other and home
  • Herbgerblins: Tall and matted with familial herbs, lethally playful and musical
  • Moundgerblins: Short and chitinous, omnivorously imperial and connected
  • Voidgerblins: Smokebodied and star-eyed, emerging from shadows to create more kin

Scenarios #

Scenarios to replace or augment those in the base playkit.

  • Trufflesnuffle: The hunt for eldritch fungus begins! Devour them for boons or gather them for later
  • Ogrefeast: The Slumbering Maw awakens, her children breaking free from the earth to feed her
  • Murderer!: Someone in the village did a murder and the victim’s kin are here for retribution
  • Ceremonial Slaughter: Ritually reenact the death of deities to ensure the longwinter ends
  • Sunshade Festival: The moon covers the sun, connecting celestial bones and drawing them together
  • Gribblyhour: An endless flood of ancestral gerblins, old grudges and new hopes

Locations #

Six new locations themed around the gerblins and the scenarios.

  • Shroomforest: Fungal groves beneath the earth, semi-sentient spores and slick surfaces
  • Firemount: The smoking mountain awakens, the ground shakes and the sky lights red
  • Humbleville: A quiet, quaint village on the “frontier” sturdy and harboring dark magics
  • Darkwood: An ancient forest stalked by the arachnarch and their multitudinous followers
  • Boxcanyon: The waterfall of eternity falls here, the bones of ages past rest beside the endless pool
  • Raging River: The water breaks the banks and brings new life and muddy horror alike