Sample Picaresque: Fever Black Mountain

Sample Picaresque: Fever Black Mountain

September 20, 2021
flagrant picaresque, experimental

This short post is an experimental sample adventure for Flagrant Picaresque which builds on top of Nate Treme’s Fever Black Mountain - a short dungeon I strongly suggest you pick up and read!

General Notes #

This example doesn’t assume the use of automated procedures but instead a human referee.

If a group in a Picaresque has an R value of Nx, their R is equal to the number of members in the group times N. For example, a 2x Group with 3 members has a starting R of 6.

For every 100GP retrieved as a group, +1XP for all Adventurers. for every 50gp an Adventurer takes for themself, +1XP.

For all other Group-based XP, all XP is split evenly amongst the Adventurers.

Running Fever Black Mountain #

To make the constitution save vs the fever, each Adventurer must roll 1d6 under their T.

Centipede Men (Light Cavalry)5+ / 4+ / 5+5+ / 10”- / - / -x / 4+3Defiant, Stealthy, Move Freely1 each
Crimson Monks (Heavy Foot)5+ / 3+ / 4+5+ / 6”6+ / 5+ / 6”2x / 4+3Offensive, Throwers, Well-Armed2 each
Black-Eyed Children (Light Foot)6+ / 4+ / 4+5+ / 8”- / - / -x / 4+2Offensive, Vicious1 each
Mulsevnious† (Heavy Beast)5+ / 3+ / 6+6+ / 10”- / - / -18 / 3+4Reckless, Terrifying, Apprentice‡, Unerring12

† Mulsevnious regains 2R per hour and can only die if his body is burned.

‡ Mulsevnious knows Confuse, Obscure, and Projectile.

Conclusion #

There actually didn’t seem to be much in the way of work to convert Nate’s excellent short dungeon for Flagrant Picaresque–I’m not sure this is a perfect example, but it should be playable.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!