Surrender and Capture

Surrendering #

When Groups would Rout due to failing a Resolve test against an enemy Company with more Fame or as a result of being Attacked by an enemy Group with more Glory, they may Surrender. Roll 1d6 against their Resolve. –1 if they are Bloodied, –1 if they have ever Routed or attempted to Surrender before. If the result is not higher than their Resolve, they attempt to Surrender immediately.

The enemy may accept their Surrender or immediately Attack them, counting all hits twice. If they Attack and don’t reduce the Group to 0 FS, the Group is Shaken and Retreats.

Capturing #

A Group may activate to Attack a Shaken Group that has Retreated in the last turn. If they do, the Shaken Group immediately tests Resolve again. If they fail, they are Captured. If they succeed, resolve the Attack as normal.

Taking Prisoners #

Enemy Groups who Surrender or are Captured become Prisoners. Prisoners are disarmed. Each turn, they may attempt to Rally as normal. If they do, they may try to Retreat from the field or overpower their captors. While disarmed, Prisoners only hit on 6s and count hits against them twice.

At the end of a Skirmish, prisoners are worth as many VP as their point value.