There are several common Groups of soldiers on the coasts that make up the majority of warbands. The skirmishers are lightly armed and unarmoured soldiers sent to harry, scout, and weaken the foe. Footmen and their more experienced counterparts, Armoured Footmen, form the bulk of land battle forces and are capable of forming a shieldwall. Marines fight on coasts and aboard ships, lightly armoured and inured to the peculiar dangers of combat on the water. Horsemen are rare but powerful forces led by rich Captains.

Groups #

Skirmishers #

Skirmishers fight in small (5-person) or large (10-person) Groups. Small Groups roll half as many dice to hit and are worth 1 points each. Large Groups are worth 2 points each.

Small6+ / 5+ / 5+5+ / 8”6+ / 5+ / 12”45+1Elusive, Nimble
Large6+ / 5+ / 5+5+ / 8”6+ / 5+ / 12”85+1Elusive, Nimble

Footmen #

Footmen fight in 10-person Groups worth 3 points each.

6+ / 5+ / 5+5+ / 8”6+ / 5+ / 6”124+2Defensive, Shieldwall

Armoured Footmen #

Armoured footmen fight in 10-person Groups worth 6 points each.

6+ / 4+ / 5+5+ / 6”6+ / 5+ / 6”124+3Shieldwall

Marines #

Marines fight in small (5-person) or large (10-person) Groups. Small Groups roll half as many dice to hit and are worth 3 points each. Large Groups are worth 6 points each.

Small6+ / 4+ / 5+5+ / 8”6+ / 5+ / 6”64+2Sealegged
Large6+ / 4+ / 5+5+ / 8”6+ / 5+ / 6”124+2Sealegged

Horsemen #

Horsemen fight in 6-rider Groups worth 6 points each.

5+ / 4+ / 5+5+ / 12”-64+3Defiant

Traits #

Sealegged #

To do.

Shieldwalls #

Groups with the Shieldwall trait can combine to form temporary super Groups. Each of them must be adjacent to another Group with the Shieldwall trait and activate to Form Up (5+). Groups that are linked in a Shieldwall combine their FS and:

  • +1 T
  • +1 to Resolve tests per Group in the shieldwall
  • Treat normal terrain as difficult and difficult terrain as impassable

When a shieldwall fights, they activate as one Group. Non-shieldwall enemies must still choose one of the Shieldwall’s Groups to Attack, Shoot, or target with a Spell.

When a Shieldwall loses FS to a non-shieldwall enemy, the targeted Group tests Resolve. If they fail, they Retreat as normal, breaking the cohesion of the Shieldwall and every remaining Group in the Shieldwall immediately tests Resolve.

If a Shieldwall is fighting a smaller Shieldwall or a lone Group, they can activate to Envelope the enemy (7+). If they are successful, treat the activation like an Attack and roll the to-hit dice for every Group in the Shieldwall. When the Envelope order is resolved, the Shieldwall is disorganized and the Groups are singular again.

When a Shieldwall fights another Shieldwall they have no specific target. Distribute hits evenly amongst the enemy groups adjacent to the Shieldwall. Test Resolve for any Group in a Shieldwall that loses FS in the fight.