Flagrant Coasts

Flagrant Coasts is a supplement for in Wolves Upon the Coast by Luke Gearing. It uses Flagrant Factions to provide a scaffold for handling larger scale fights in Ruislip and elsewhere.

To make sense of this text, you will need a copy of Wolves Upon the Coast and access to the rules in Flagrant Factions.

This supplement introduces:

  • Fame and Glory to measure Captains and Groups respectively
  • Champions as special Groups for characters
  • Duels, fought between Champions for the morale of their Company
  • Bynames, special Traits for Groups based on their actions in battle
  • Shieldwalls, a special formation combining multiple Groups into one
  • Fleet skirmishes, with guidance for fighting at sea
  • Converted Spells, Rosters, and pre-made Companies for various strongholds

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