Flagrant Factions

Flagrant Factions is a lightweight skirmish-scale wargame that doesn’t concern itself with model count and only barely distances. It abstracts a fair amount of rules and considerations so you can use whatever models/maps/terrain/ideas you have on hand to get playing fast.

In Flagrant Factions, two players field a company of 2+ groups of models (paper, token, miniatures, whatever) to play through narrative scenarios. Instead of dozens of specific profiles, Flagrant Factions features base profiles you can change by adding special rules (or not).

It doesn’t spend any time concerned about tournament play, preferring instead to support narrative and casual play alike. Play normally takes 30-45m for a single skirmish and works for fantasy, historical, and sci-fi play alike.

This text is open and free and always will be.

Introduction #

This skirmish wargame is intended to:

  • Be used with whatever models you have on hand, in any world you choose.
  • Play out conflicts between factions on a scale of dozens (but not hundreds) of individuals.
  • Lean into scenario-based and narrative play, rather than pitched battles.
  • Explicitly support kitbashing, hacking, reuse, and modularizing.

This text assumes skirmishes fought between two sides, each with a single company. If you’re playing with more sides or more companies, use your judgment.

Requirements for Play #

To play this game, you need:

  • These rules.
  • Two players.
  • A list of Groups and their profiles.
  • Models (paper, plastic, pewter, or otherwise), probably no more than 60 to a side.
  • Six-sided dice. More is better—you will often roll 2, 3, 6, or 12 of them at a time.
  • A way to measure distance (a tape measure or ruler is probably best, but a knotted string works, too).
  • A table to play on. 5’ x 3’ is a good size for 24-point companies. Terrain, drawn or modeled, is also useful.
  • Paper and pencil.