Terms #

Engine: The Flagrant66 core framework. The assumed basis for all work. Intentionally minimal.

Tech Pack: Lightweight, interoperable rules and subsystems–alchemy, fighting styles, ship combat, travelling, etc. This term comes from the Tech Jam hosted by the Brain Trust, which you should also check out!

Playkit: Fully baked set of fiction, rules modules, etc–a game with all the bells and whistles you might expect.

Suggested Practices #

Share rules modules distinct from any playkit they were intended for–publishing them alongside the playkit in an SRD-like format is good, but publishing them as soon as possible as their own thing is better.

Publishing to PDF is necessary for most folks, but please also consider publishing to a web page, epub, or other accessible format as well. Drop a line if you want your work linked on this site.

Use tags on Itch #

  • Anything tagged flagrant66 will become a part of a broader grassroots library.
  • Tag with the license you’re using - CCBY, CC0, OGL, NoLaywers, whatever you’re using.
  • If you’re writing a tech pack, please also use the #techpack tag if your work is licensed CCBY or CC0–this will allow your work to be included in that broader library too!